Automate Screenshots Captured Exactly How You Like

An API to let you generate screenshots of full-page websites or selected page elements just the way you need it. Developer friendly, and easy to integrate into your automation workflow.

Main features


URL Image Capture

Using an API, screenshots can be automated into your service or product to improve its utility and value. You can capture entire web pages, or even capture select elements (such as a chart, table, or visualization on the page). CaptureAPI is a language agnostic API - regardless of the language you are developing in, you can utilize the API simply. If you seek to integrate automated up to date visuals from various web sources into your product, this is the API for you.


Need text content?

Alongside image generation, CaptureAPI can also extract text from website elements. Simply pass the extraction parameter in your request, and you will receive a JSON containing both a screenshot of your selection, as well as the text.

Other features

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1000 screenshots

Responsive screenshots

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